Viral Trend: What Is One Finger Selfie Challenge?


Internet is powerful. It can make you famous overnight and on contrary, can even ruin things at a click, if misused. Virtual life never falls short of the ways to gain popularity and why not, after all everyone wants to be the center of attraction. Million of news, pranks & challenges keep buzzing our mobile and laptop screens and a minute without these updates drive us crazy.

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One such recent jeopardous viral trend adding to the list of sporty online challenges that has taken internet by storm is the one finger selfie challenge. The world is talking about the most absurd and unusual selfie challenge that not everyone can dare to accept.

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Wonder what it is? Here is the answer-
The challenge is to take a naked mirror selfie by strategically placing one finger to cover your privates. And if you have the dexterity to play with fingers and of course, the audacity to accept the challenge, you too can give it a try.

The roots of this internet challenge penetrated in Japan where first the cartoon of a naked girl using one finger to cover her breast and private parts was displayed by Japanese anime artist Sky- FreeDom. Since then the challenge has blown the e-generation’s stack and many men and women are boldly taking up the challenge uploading one finger selfie.

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