you think your job sucks? you should check this out


by Varun Tiwari

Steve Jobs once quoted that “ your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t find it yet, keep looking and don’t settle”.

We also complain so much about our life our job because of the hectic schedule the work pressure,  but if you go through the following list of the jobs you might consider yourself  lucky and  be grateful  to you current job.


The entire list has been compiled keeping the general working conditions, nature of pay and job recognition in view.

1. Telemarketers or telesales



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This job is definitely not for shy people. Selling things to the customer on phone is not a piece of cake for everyone. Plus they have to deal with all the kind of customers daily, some might be rude and some might just not be interested to speak to them.  They have to face a sort of humiliation on daily bases and their salary is quite low when compared to the amount of work they do.


2. Manual Scavengers or Sewer Divers


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The practice of manual scavenging or unclogging of filthy drains without proper protective measures is prohibited in India but there are many agencies who break this rule frequently. Their job is too risky and there has been reported many accidents of the sewers too but still they do it for their living and the wages they get is just not worth at all when compared to the hardship of their work.


3. Ambulance Drivers

BAGHDAD, IRAQ: An ambulance driver rush to the back of his van as a victim is carried on board following a car bomb in the Sadoon neighbourhood, central Baghdad, 04 October 2004. Two explosions rocked the capital early this morning Killing over 10 people and injuring many others. AFP PHOTO/Awad AWAD (Photo credit should read AWAD AWAD/AFP/Getty Images)
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Ambulance Driver actually carries out a very risky job daily as they are responsible for handling death and life situation of the patients and taking them to the hospital. Still the salary they get is around 6000k-8000k which just not justifies their work.

4. Hospital or nursing home attendees


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Ok Frankly who is the most important person after the doctor in hospital for the patient? It has to be the nurse. It’s the nurse who is there for you for almost everything like cleaning your beds, carrying your reports to the doctor, checking you regularly and your needs in hospital but still they don’t get  enough credit they deserve and also the salary which they get is unjustifiable.


5. Teaching


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Teaching is considered as one of the most respected jobs  to do but you will be surprised to know that it has been counted in the list of least paying jobs in India when compared to the corporate professionals or consultants.


6. Dish washers in restaurant


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This is also one of the most thankless job with the high risk of hygiene and the salary which they get is just too minimal.


7. Bus drivers


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Driving hundreds of miles every day with a responsibility of the lives of so many passengers is not a pleasant job.


8. Maids or housekeepers


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Imagine what your mother or wife will do if your maid is on leave for a month? Scary right? But still they have to settle for a very low salary and minimum number of leaves. Also there is no post retirement plan in housekeeping profession.


9. Customer Care Executives


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Imagine  receiving calls from hundreds of people and most of them are dissatisfied or are angry and abusing from the other side. Customer Care executives have to go through such problems daily in their life, as opposite to the telemarketers the customer care executive receives call from the customer but chances of dissatisfied customer is way too high in this profession which makes it a more difficult job to do.


10. Lab Assistants


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No one can ignore the risk of the side effects or chances of accidents when you are dealing with different type of chemicals daily.