Sanjay Dutt Got Angry On Ranbir Kapoor At His Own Party


Ranbir Kapoor is all set to play the role of Sanjay Dutt in Raj Kumar Hirani’s next directorial titled ‘Dutt’ which is starting from January 2017. But it seems Sanjay dutt is not pretty impressed by the young actor who is portraying him on screen. What actually happened is few days ago Dutt hosted a party for his close friends at his residence and Ranbir Kapoor was also one of the guest who attended the party.

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After few drinks Sanjay Dutt told Ranbir Kapoor that he wants to make a film with him titled ‘Laddoo’ and  everyone was laughing at the joke until Sanjay added that he wants to make some more movies with Ranbir which will be titled “Mithai”,”Gulab Jamun” etc. Eventually an angry Sanjay Dutt told Ranbir Kapoor that he recently saw Ranbir’s Barfi on television and asked him how could he play such characters if he wants to play Dutt on screen.

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He advised Ranbir to play some macho roles like Sanjay, Ajay Devgan and Salman did in their careers to sustain a long life for an actor on screen. He also warned Ranbir Kapoor that how he is damaging his career by playing such a weak character like he played in Barfi and he will not be able to connect with the masses unless he starts playing some macho roles in commercial centric movies.

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Obviously, Sanjay Dutt was too high during around that time and Ranbir Kapoor was one of the few guest at that party who was not drunk so Ranbir did not react to Dutt’s comment and handled the situation gracefully and left the party. Surprisingly Barfi is considered to be one of the best movies of the modern cinema So Sanjay Dutt might have regretted his words the next day.