Beard Is a Gift: 7 Reasons Men Should Grow Beard.


Beards are the holy grail of sexiness. Intertwining of masculinity and good looks is what the facial hair of men create. You may be someone with discretion added to your name but beard is what makes you look like someone with authority.

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Beard is so much into trend and why not?! When something makes you look so sensible, robust, savage and alluring at the same time, there is no way of ignoring it.

Even girls find the bearded guys way more appealing than the clean shaves and this statement by Megan Cahn proves the fact-
” Guys with beard look sexy, manly and a little badass.”

While there is no doubt that growing facial hair definitely makes you look way more attractive, there are other innumerable advantages of having beard which make all the sense in the world to throw away your razors.
Guys, take a note.

Beard blocks the skin problems.

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This is too obvious. Shaving leads to the opening of pores on the skin which let the naturally existing bacterial layer move in causing infections and ingrown hair. Wanna reduce the acne flare ups? Chuck shaving.

Too much exposure to sun leaves men with leathery skin and increased wrinkles, a state called dermatoheliosis (chronical sun damage) consequently leading to spots and saggy skin. Beards block 95% of the harmful UV rays saving your skin from being damaged. Now that’s an enduring trait itself.

And the throat diseases.

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Facial hair can help in keeping the airborne bacteria out of your mouth thus dismissing multiple throat and lung diseases that you can otherwise suffer from, including asthma.

Not only this manly ornament helps in combating diseases, there are many other reasons too that makes beard so irresistible.

They make you a better human.

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While growing facial hair, you learn to be patient. You nurture them, you nourish them, you learn to take care of the things that matter to you. You learn to stay consistent while accomplishing the goals that  are long and tedious. You unknowingly, learn the small things that build life.

They build confidence.

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In a survey conducted by German consumer- goods company, Braun, 67% of men claimed that they sport facial hair ( a beard or a mustache) and more than half said that they feel more attractive in it. 55% said that they have received compliments for their facial hair and 44% agreed that they feel confident in beard.
The man in the beard knows he looks attractive and that itself is enough source of confidence.

Growing a beard saves you whole a lot of  time.

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To be honest, we ladies want a man who can spoil us with plenty of time on weekends instead of spending his day in bathroom cleaning off his oh! so precious facial hair.
According to Dr. Herbert Mescon, then professor and chairman of the Department of Dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine, an average man will spend an estimated 3,350 hours of his life, shaving. That’s 139 days, nearly 5 months. Growing a beard can save you so much time.

And spelling charm on women.

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Nothing attracts a woman more than a well built body and nourished beard. All you need to do is stroke those hair while you think and presto! You have successfully made your move.

The historical trademark of prestige.

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Otto the Great used to swear by his beard while saying something serious. Also, during medieval age, touching someone’s beard was regarded offensive. So now you know, with beard comes some real respect.

So when next time someone ask you to shave off those priceless facial hair, smash this article on their face.