Reason Why It Is Difficult To sleep At Night But Not During The Daytime


Sleep is one of the most important biological process of the human body since it regulates the functioning of brain. Adequate sleep is extremely essential for a healthy being and any disorder in the process can cause some serious implications. Unfortunately, the era of smart phones and laptops witnesses one of the biggest portion of the generation inflicted through sleep issues. People struggle to fall asleep during nights and the days seem like some battle to not bump the head on table while yawning.

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However, electrical gadgets are not the only camouflaged enemy that lead to this really common but pestering issue. Other reasons behind sleepless nights and drowsy days can be:

 Sleepless Nights

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Misguided routine:
One thought that dominates us while we stay awake late on weekends is that few extra hours of sleep next day will bring everything under control. However this is not true. The key to regulate healthy sleep pattern is consistency. Breaking the schedule of sleep any way can lead to insomnia.

Cure: Follow a schedule.
The routine of getting up and going to bed should be followed even on weekends. Just like a clock, our body’s sleep clock too step out of routine track if disrupted in between.

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Staying in bed for too long: Often we end up laying in bed trying to sleep but couldn’t succeed. Research says, if you fail to fall asleep within 40 minutes of laying in bed, you won’t fall asleep for another hour.

Cure: Get out of bed and instead of trying to fall asleep, read books, do yoga or stretch for at least 1-1.5 hours before sleeping.

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Watching TV while falling asleep: Falling asleep while watching TV is one of the main reasons of poor sleep and insomnia.

Cure: Keep TV out of bedroom and avoid watching TV while sleeping.

Using phone late night: This is a very well known reason but the scientific explanation behind this is interesting. When we use phone late night, the light of the screen reaches the retina and information is sent to brain  making the innocent organ believe, that it is day time. Result,  disturbed sleep process. Also, the radiations emitted through cell phone affect the sleep hormones production in body.

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Cure: Keep your phone away while heading to bed. Don’t sleep with your phone near the pillow. Use alarm clock to wake up in the morning.

Resorting to alcohol: Many people prefer consumption of alcohol to fall asleep. But alcohol can lead to overall reduction in sleep cycle as initially it may induce the body to sleep but impairs the sleeping tendency of a person in another half of night.

Cure: Go for some other formulas that calm you down like something that contain amino acids, taurine, 5 HTP and herbs like lemon balm, passion flower and Valerian roots. Calcium and magnesium before bed also works great for a good sleep.

 Drowsy days

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According to research, there can be different reasons why people feel sleepy during daytime. The major reasons are: obesity, depression and psychological disorders.


Keep yourself hydrated.
Drink plenty of liquid (juices and water) and keep washing face with water.

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Work out or simply stretch.

A morning work out can leave you refresh for the entire day. Do yoga after waking up or if you don’t have time, simply stretch yourself whenever you feel drowsy.

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Walk around.

Stand up and start walking whenever sleep starts conquering. Talk to people and indulge yourself in things that won’t let you feel bored.

 Drink green tea.

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This is the best remedy for lazy days. The best thing about green tea is that it rejuvenates you, with less caffeine than coffee deployed at work. Other benefits of green tea are enough to rush to kitchen and make yourself one.

Power nap.

We all have heard that poison kills poison. Similarly, sleep kills sleep. Take a 10-20 minutes power nap and it will instantly boost you up for rest of the day. But remember, just 10-20 minutes before 4 P.M.

Stay happy.

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The biggest reason to feel drowsy during days is stress and depression. Try to remain as happy as you can and keep yourself socially involved. Happiness is always the key to everything, even sleep disorders.